Underdog's Approach to Buying

At Underdog, we are Dealers, Buyers, and Collectors.  However, as a digital-centric business, we do not have brick and mortar outlet to sell products we acquire. All products are resold at shows, through our website, or on our Ebay store.  

We would love to review every potential purchase in person, but that is simply not possible. In order to be considerate of your time, provide the best feedback, and possibly strike a deal, we request that you email a video and/or pictures of your items for sale with your desired pricing to buyselltrade@udogcollect.com.  We will promptly review them, and get back to you discuss our level of interest.

We started this business, because we love the hobby and want to grow it. However, in order to drive our business, we must make a reasonable profit for the risk we take when buying collections.  Please keep in mind that we will rarely "pay full book or Ebay value" for an item or collection. Our offer will reflect the cost of operating our site, shows, Ebay store, pay taxes, etc.  If we do not complete the transaction in person at a show or site visit, we will pay for your shipping costs in advance via paypal goods & services, then pay you the full negotiated amount when the product is received as promised.