2021 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box 4-Pack Bundle Box #6

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This is a 4 pack bundle purchase of 2021 Topps Hobby Baseball Series 2. Each purchase receives 4 randomly selected packs from a 24-pack hobby box. SILVER PACKS WILL BE RANDOMED OFF BETWEEN THE 6 BUNDLES SOLD PER BOX. 

We are hoping one of our customers  pulls one of 25 tickets to the Topps 70th Anniversary celebration that's dubbed as "a unique event featuring players, exclusive items and more." That's half of the total number of tickets planned for the party set for sometime next fall. The base set will include 330 cards -- rookies, veterans, team cards and Future Stars are planned -- and each card will have Rainbow foil, Gold foil, Gold (/2,021), Vintage (/99), Independence Day (/76), Black (/70) Platinum Anniversary (/70), Mother's Day (/50), Father's Day (/50), Memorial Day (/25), Clear (/10 for 100 players) and 1/1 printing plates as well as a 1/1 70th Anniversary parallel just like in Series 1.

You can watch this break on our YouTube Channel or Facebook Page. Packs will be randomly pulled from the same hobby box. All cards will ship!

Box Description:
Cards per pack: Hobby – 14
Packs per box: Hobby – 24 (plus one Silver pack)
Set size: 330 cards
One auto or Relic per 24-pack hobby box

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