2022 Museum Baseball 1 Box DIVISION BREAK

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This is a 1 box DIVISION BREAK of Topps Museum Baseball Hobby. Each spot receives 1 Division.

This break will take place on the first available live show after all spots are full. Our shows are at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Teams will be assigned live online live using random.org. All cards will ship! You can watch your breaks on our YouTube Channel or Facebook Page

Box Configuration:

  • 4 Mini-Boxes Per Box, 5 Cards Per Mini-Box
  • Look for 1 autographed relic card, 1 on-card autographed card, 1 quad relic card, and 1 relic card per box on average. Find 1 hit, 1 base parallel card, and 3 base cards in every pack.


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